I will have 14 pieces in the 840 Gallery from Jan. 28-Feb. 2.
I will have 14 pieces in the 840 Gallery from Jan. 28-Feb. 2.

From Jan. 28-Feb. 2 @ the 840 Gallery DAAP UC
Reception Jan. 29 3:30-5P
All QR Codes are scannable.

Since Mar. 2012 I’ve been working on these 14 canvases of hand-stamped acrylic codes.  All these pieces come together to create The Way of the Cross.  If you have a smartphone you can scan these 2 ft by 2 ft squares that take you to correlating photographs of Stations from Catholic churches in Nashville TN, Munich Germany, and  primarily in Cincinnati OH.

In the creation of these piece I wanted to see if my flawed shaking human hand could re-create a code made by a flawless machine–which I can because you can still scan these codes. Also doing this series brought up several questions of investigation.

What reactions happen when the image of God is transformed into black and white squares?  Can the Way of the Cross, which was implemented as a way of contemplating the Passion of Christ without traveling all the way to the Holy Land,  become mobile? How will viewers react to technology paired with spirituality?

Well, I guess I’ll find out next week. I’ll post photos of the installed show in a future post.

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  1. Great Exhibition, interesting integration of QR codes in physical space, thus augmenting both the physical and virtual environments her art resides in.

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