A few Sundays ago I went on a drive with Mom and Dad to explore some forgotten, unknown, or neglected landmarks of Cincinnati. It’s on drives like this that I get inspired to make work and to investigate new things.

First Stop: King Records where James Brown recorded many of his hits.

where music history occurred.
where music history occurred.

This plaque is located down a shady small alley behind a building that has long been neglected. It’s kind of hard to imagine that music history was made in this now run down location.

Second Stop: Tillie the Elephant’s gravesite in Terrace Park

Tillie the Elephant's Gravesite--drive by
Tillie the Elephant’s Gravesite–drive by
close up of Tilie's grave
close up of Tilie’s grave

81 years ago Terrace Park, OH, within the Greater Cincinnati area, was the winter headquarters for one of the biggest circus companies in the country, The John Robinson Circus.  Now the only public landmark left is Tillie’s grave marker at the end of a cul-de-sac on Circus Pl.

Third Stop: Mutual UFO Network’s International Headquarters at Lunken Airport

I didn't find MUFON :(
I didn’t find MUFON 😦

This year I’ve been hooked on The X-files and during several episodes Scully visits a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) UFO abductees support group. In August 2012 NPR interviewed David MacDonald, the MUFON president, about a convention they were hosting in Northern Kentucky.  It was then I found out that MUFON’s international headquarters are right at Lunken Airport.

Unfortunately, on this trip I didn’t find the actual headquarters. I was expecting a title or name in the directory of the main lobby but no. I think I’ll just have to email them and set up a visit.

I also found out that they have an interactive website that shows you the UFO activity going on in your zip code.  Click here to see how active your neighborhood is.

Final Stop: The last highlight of this impromptu adventure was the Flying Saucer House in Covington KY

Final Stop
Final Stop