Today I just needed to make something and feel productive. Recently, I’ve found spit painting to be a great way to jumpstart my art practice and literally get your creative juices flowing. In less than 20 minutes I painted 6 feet!!


Here is what I use:

What you'll need
What you’ll need
  • Wilton’s Icing Colors
  • Spoon
  • Water
  • Paper (any kind you have around is fine. I like freezer paper or Bristol)

Step 1: Lay down your paper. I’ve determined lying it on the ground/floor is better, but you could pin/tape it to the wall too.

Lay down your paper
Lay down your paper

Step 2: Take a small amount of the concentrated food coloring. Put in your mouth. Take a swig of water. Swish it around a bit to disolve the gel.
How2SpitPaint-#2 How2SpitPaint-#3 blue Take a swig Swish it around

Step 3: Go to town/start spitting.  I like to go with the flow and switch colors back and forth. I may cleanse the palette (my tongue) with a towel to prevent too much color pollution.  If you don’t you’ll start spiting brown and black…which might be nice.

gross i know
gross i know

In-progress in-progress in-progress

Getting started with blue
Getting started with blue

Tips/Tricks: I like to build up with different colors and techniques. This process is also about the movement of the body and mouth. I try to use different movements to get different gestures.

Oh, by the way…I like to finish with red or pink to diminish the frightening lip staining that happens. I’ll also try to eat lunch right after to get rid of the teeth staining.

I like to finish with red or pink food coloring. That way it looks like you're wearing lipstick.
I like to finish with red or pink food coloring. That way it looks like you’re wearing lipstick.

I’ll post a photo of the piece once it’s dry. I love how the color changes.

Here’s a video showing you the in-progress making of this piece.
Demo w/ Sam: Spit Painting