“I see painting as a paradigm for human life and the spiritual world.”

Back in January I had the privilege to interview a local artist here in Cincinnati, Father John Quigley.  Yep, he’s also a Franciscan Friar and a priest!Father John Quigley

I wanted to discuss with him not only his art-making process, but his thoughts on how spirituality guides and informs art-making.

Father John is not only a priest, but has also developed numerous programs, like New Jerusalem here in Cincinnati with Father Richard Rohr.  For over 30 years Father John worked within the Church internationally in both Rome and Geneva.  Coming back to Cincinnati after a year long sabbatical Father John renewed his focus and determination into making art and leading art-making retreats.

Father John’s practice and teaching revolves around letting the Spirit move through you freely without judgement.  He often encourages his retreatants, students, and himself to paint as if no one will see what you’re making. This provoked me to question how freely am I letting God/the Spirit move through me in my art-making.  How much judgement and control am I trying to infused into my work? I think these are good questions for any artist to ask themselves no matter what their spiritual inclination may be.

Click here to listen to the interview