Whoop Dee Doo!!Now that I’ve had a month or so to catch up on sleep and to have an adventure or two, it’s time to reawaken and give a recap of my week with Whoop Dee Doo in April. A team of my fellow University of Cincinnati student, including myself, helped in creating Whoop Dee Doo’s latest art installation and performance here at DAAP.  The week went so quickly yet felt like it moved in slow motion–in a good way . I’ve never been so tired or so amazed at what a group of dedicated artists/students could think-up, make, create, collaborate, and pull-off in 9 days.

Throughout the week I and three other UC students had the pleasure of meeting with Lee, Michael, and Jaimie from Whoop Dee Doo along with four impressive high school students in creating frozen themed costumes from scratch for Los Embajadores Peruanos.  Using inexpensive materials, lots of glitter, gems galore, and wonderfully versitile hot glue, we all pitched in creating four beautiful costumes for LEP to change into for their “exit” from the large cardboard freezer.

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