Tchotchke #1










In preparation of my three week ceramic residency in Jingdezhen China I’m getting my plans together for what I intend to make while I’m there in December. I can’t get tchotchkes off the brain so I’m focusing my work towards making the most amazing tchotchkes I can think of. They will be bases off my mom’s vast collection of ceramic knick-knacks and I hope she will love these “super tchotchkes”. Cuz, guess what you’re getting for Christmas Mom!

tchotchke #2

I’m going to take a 3D printed version of this along with many others to make my “super tchotchke”.







Suki asleepI’m also experimenting with the limits of the program. I tried to take photos of my old dog while she slept but she moved.

John Candy

I also tried to capture photos from online by taking screen captures of some of my favorite movie quotes. This one is of John Candy in “Uncle Buck” when he’s telling the principal of his niece’s school to “take this quarter go downtown and find a rat to gnaw that thing off your face.”