Hi I'm Sam Dorgan!Semionaut

The contemporary artist is a semionaut, he[she] invents trajectories between signs.
Relational Aesthetics” Nicolas Bourriaud

The pastiche of memory, thought, dreams, identity, and mystery co-mingle consciously and unconsciously. My work endeavors to redeem some aura of this existential hodgepodge. Everything connects seamlessly in the mental space yet seems strangely juxtaposed in reality.

Art making is the only way I can conceive and exercise these mental realities into physical realities. In the making I can create signifiers to connect these disparate memories, feelings, visions, and desires. Somehow this archives and encapsulates my phenomenological investigations.

The more personal I make my investigations, by including my environment, my family, my spirituality, the more universal the message. I invite the viewer as, “joint creator of the work, venturing into the mysteries of creation by way of the coefficient of art” (Bourriad, 99). Art is fluid and transitional in ways the artist is unaware. Creation is a shared phenomena.