Hi I'm Sam Dorgan!

It is that special shift in feeling, from familiar to strange, that intrigues me the most. The search and shimmy for meaning and logic amidst the perverse and disjunctive is an amazing and intuitive human function that I continue to explore in a variety of ways in my art practice.

My exploration ebbs between video and objects that cross the boundaries between the 2D and 3D disciplines. In my projections and sculptures there arecombinations of poetics and disjunctive semiotics through an obsessive exploration of media digestion and personal experience. Material is mined and filtered from cartoons, music, poetry, and pop culture in unexpected ways in order to de-familiarize the viewer. Mywork while emotional in nature often concludes without any satisfying resolution and is intended to suspend the viewer.

Artist Bio:

Sam Dorgan (b. 1985) is an interdisciplinary artist who creates semiotic environments through material play and subversion of expectations.  The viewer is invited to experience the work through free associations and memory. Dorgan holds a Bachelor’s in Business from Belmont University, a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati, and a Master’s of Fine Arts from Miami University.  Solo and group exhibitions include: ENEM Space in Sacramento CA, KSpace Contemporary in Corpus Christi TX,Valdosta State University in Valdosta GA,Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House in Venice, Italy, Mu Fei Gallery in Jingdezhen China, and Czong Institute of Contemporary Art (CICA) in Gimpo-si, Korea